Top Sexual Fantasies According to Women

It Is Natural And Healthy To Have Sexual Fantasies

According to sex therapists, episodes of erotic fantasies are an indication that one possesses a healthy means of getting their mind to stir up a sexual response.

Having sexual fantasies is completely natural regardless of whether you plan to see your fantasies through or not! Sexual fantasies may stem from fictional mental characters or erotic memories about subjects that happen to get us off sexually.

Fantasies about certain sexual practices are meant to trigger sexual arousal and are not necessarily a reflection of the things a person desires in real life –although to some degree our dirty thoughts can give us clues of what we might like in real life.

Besides seeking arousal, a lot of folks fantasize out of curiosity. Consider this; we may not experience every bizarre sexual sensation in real life, but we can fantasize about them.

The Added Layer Of Taboo

Fantasies also help people explore taboo sex, and maybe plot to actualize these experiences at some later date. The thought of hooking up with your married college professor might encourage you to plan for a teacher/ student role play session with your partner.

Some folks use fantasies to skip reality a little to meet unfulfilled sexual needs. Whatever your fantasies look like, experts recommend acting on them to spice up your bedroom routine.

Women happen to be very creative with their erotic fantasies. Like men, their common fantasies revolve around taboo sex and other eccentric sexual practices. Let’s discuss some of the women’s common sexual fantasies. 

Getting It On With A Stranger

Modern society insists on monogamy when it knows deep down that it doesn’t come naturally to humans.

Women secretly die to have sex with complete strangers –the kind that is random and spontaneous.

They would fantasize about things like –they just moved into a new apartment and the handsome dude next-door offers to help them arrange the apartment. He invites her for a drink at his place afterward, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know, she’s waking up on his bare chest in the morning with her panties dangling around one of her ankles.

Removing The Strings

Random hookups with strangers at the gym with a personal trainer is a common fantasy among women. Call it slutty, but it remains one of their top sexual fantasies. Hooking up randomly with people they just met symbolizes freedom; and freedom is sexy all day, any day! Whether they plan to act this fantasy out or not, the thought of it alone gives them enough thrills.

Sometimes women prefer no-strings-attached kind of arrangement with people they might never meet again just to have new sexual experiences. They take emotions out of the whole damn thing and just enjoy the good casual sex. Some women are scared of emotional connections and intimacy. This also works when they don’t want to be tied down to one sexual partner forever –as I hinted, monogamy is unrealistic!

Having sex with a stranger allows women to ditch intimacy and emotional connection and just focus on the pleasurable act of sex! 

Having Sex With People They Shouldn’t Be Sexing 

Indeed, forbidden fruits taste sweeter! Boyfriend’s friend, stepbrothers, ex’s friend, step daddies, and distant cousins should be off limits!

Girl’s code 101, hands off a friend’s exes! It is disrespectful to get dirty with them! This might be the written rule, but underneath, every girl secretly wants to smash the dudes on the ‘sacred’ list. They are dying to, go, rogue, show society the middle finger, and experience the Wild West!

The psychology behind this unconventional fantasy is complicated, to say the least. It is quite common for men and women alike to be attracted sexually to people they shouldn’t be attracted to. In fact, mainstream porn has commercialized this fantasy with the taboo sex category. You are likely to come across videos with these kinds of plots.

Like –‘girl sends a friend to collect stuff from her ex’s apartment after a nasty breakup, and the friend ends up smashing the ex while at it!’ The scripts follow some cheesy plot like ‘the dude walks in on the girl trying on her friend’s clothes. He is attracted by the view of her ample bosom, so he makes a move, a little seduction latter, and boom! –he’s eating from the forbidden tree!

Similar plots like stepbrother feasting secretly on stepsister living under the same roof, or a stepmother seduces her handsome stepson and ends up screwing him when her husband is not around.

Interestingly, these kinds of videos attract a lot of traffic probably because it is a fantasy common among many people.

Exploring Submission and Dominance!

Women may look cool from the outside, but deep down they are craving some Fifty Shades Of Grey level of dominance. Ask any woman what they think about the movie or book –Fifty Shades of Grey, and you’ll be surprised by their responses!

A majority of women believe the film was an eye-opener into a world of romance they’d only fantasized about. Check out the numbers; only 1.3% of women admit to being in a committed BDSM relationship.

However, a staggering 64.6% of women confess that they occasionally fantasize about being dominated sexually. This is a substantial percentage of women fancying BDSM on the down low! They fantasize about getting choked during sex, some hair pulling and biting, spanking, and verbal abuse among other BDSM acts.

Other popular fantasies women have include having sex with an authority figure like police or teachers. Every school girl at some point fantasizes about having sex with their teacher, while others fantasizing about screwing a police officer to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Same Sex Encounters

Also, believe it or not, many women fantasize about having sex with other women. Some girls experience a ‘lesbian phase’ where they try out the offerings on the other side of the menu.

Furthermore, a recent survey established that nearly 42% of women have thought about participating in group sex. Swinging is also among top women’s fantasy, and so is getting spit-roasted hardcore. 

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