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Snapchat Premium

The role of social media in the diversification of the adult industry cannot be overstated. There was a time when all porn was produced and distributed by specific companies, and making an entry into the industry required that you audition with them. Auditioning became a thing that erotic films were released featuring hardcore casting scenes. Thanks to the advent of social media, webcam models are now minting good money from selling sexually explicit content without having to endure exploitative auditions. Snapchat is among the social media platforms spearheading the revolution in the adult industry through the infamous Snapchat Premium.

Snapchat Premium is the name given to Snapchat accounts where holders charge a small fee for the audience to access sex content posted regularly. The content can range from exclusive nudes, erotic sex videos, and occasional live action. Informal survey suggest that average snapchat webcam models make nearly $2,000 a week. The most popular accounts can generate that amount in a single session.

As such, Snapchat Premium has become popular among webcam models looking to make good money as well as audiences thirsty for fresh exclusive content. Webcam models leverage on Snapchat’s relaxed anti-porn regulations. Snapchat as the next social media does not publicly endorse exchange of adult content on its platform. However, the social media site has done so little to restrict the availability of these materials making it possible for holders of the premium accounts to run a lucrative business turning in thousands of dollars per session.

Why Snapchat Appeals to Adult content creators.

For starters, Snapchat has over 210 million active users. Nearly 75% of this number are millenials- a young demographic reportedly the biggest consumers of adult content. Nearly 10 billion videos are shared on Snapchat daily translating to roughly 9,000 snaps per second. Better yet, unlike rivals like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat videos have a three times higher rate of completion meaning Snaps posted on Snapchat are watched to completion more often. Also, the platform’s laid-back regulations against porn and related materials are making it more favorable to prospects.


Now Let’s talk money

Don’t be thinking that creating a snapchat premium account is a ticket to easy money because it’s certainly not. There’s a lot that goes into creating a profitable snapchat premium account mostly in the marketing perspective. There’s nothing illegal with exchanging raunchy material online, except when it involves minors. So unless you are 18 and over, this should not be your line of business.

Snapchat Premium accounts are created just like ordinary accounts. The process is simple and help is readily available in case one needs. Understand that models make money from paying audiences, without which a premium account is worthless. Getting a loyal fan base is about the hardest part of running a commercial adult snapchat account.

Marketing Your Account

One can choose between popularizing their account by themselves and enlisting to specific websites or agencies that do the marketing for models. The first option is for aggressive models that cherish independence. This option allows them to be their own bosses which also means they are totally responsible for their marketing.

Example Funnel

Here’s an example funnel showing how you can funnel all the various platforms you manage into one stream, then push offers, discounts, memberships, etc. Anything you can think of to monetize. In the figure below, the traffic is being funneled from multiple social media accounts, down to SnapChat, down to Sexxxters platform, and finally monetizing the traffic for access into a private Sexxxters group. 

The sky is the limit if you do it right.

Ironically, prospective viewers will hardly notice you on Snapchat. So models are forced to advertise their business on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. Through these other sites they’ll redirect traffic to their premium account where viewers are required to pay in order to gain access.

To stay on top of competition, your content ought to be interesting and consistent. Even after getting a sizeable amount of viewers, the number shrinks quick when you begin posting mediocre content at a disgraceful frequency. As demand dictates supply, the number of active snapchat premium accounts have soared driving competition even higher. It is only normal that viewers will cede to more interesting and active accounts upon the slightest sign of mediocrity.

For those that feel that it is too much work creating raunchy content and marketing them at the same time, enlisting to a snapchat premium website is a viable alternative. All you need to do is fill in an application form which the site will review and either approve or decline your depending on whether you met their enrollment criteria.

The beauty with the second plan is that you only concentrate with the creation of hot content and the agency will deal with the marketing heavy lifting. However, they charge a percentage of the proceeds which means you’ll earn less compared to an independent model with the same number of viewers charging the same fees as yourself. Another upside to this plan is that taking off is quite easy compared to marketing the account on your own. Most of these agencies have already established a solid fan base lusting for new unique content.

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