No, Cybersex Is Not Cheating

Typically, having an intimate physical or emotional contact with another person while in a closed relationship is construed as cheating. Sex in itself is a product of emotions where partners have to be in the same emotional state to achieve pleasure. There’s something that goes on in one’s mind during live sex, of course alongside the feeling of pleasurable friction. An emotional connection between the partners which makes the experience magical. Indisputably, emotions tend to be involved in cybersex and so one might be tempted to make conclusions.

Admittedly, there are couples that have been in unsatisfying marriages that ended up in ruins after they resorted to cybersex for some emotional intimacy. However, this is an isolated case of individuals who resolved to outright internet infidelity instead of fixing the issues in their marriages. More often than not, the said marriages where doomed from the start before they even laid their dirty hands on cybersex.

As reported by in one of their popular specials, while cybersex and general internet relationships may not be the most faithful thing for partners in a committed relationship, it is still a far out-cry from an actual affair. Cybersex is never as intense having a live affair. It all boils down to one’s intentions. Unlike online dating where people are looking for partners to have an actual physical relationship with, a majority of individuals throng cybersex offering sites for the thrill and fun.

Remember also that physical contact amounts to a big part in cheating. It is one thing to masturbate to a stranger’s luscious voice over the phone, and it’s another to meet up and have actual sex. How do you suppose we make it through the day? Everyone would be guilty of cheating for all the eye-banging they’ve committed at the office, in class, at the subway station, name them.

In biblical context, we would all spent eternity with Satan for lusting for our neighbors’ wives, the girl next door, that beddable teacher you always have perverted thoughts of banging, a sassy celebrity and sometimes the lady serving at the cafeteria. Times are changing and we really need to redefine some terms with cheating being one of them. It is the same discussion of virtual sex against live intimacy again; the former can never substitute the latter you can take that to the bank.


The same argument works with cybersex and committed relationships- I believe it is safe to assume that cybersex can actually compliment live sex. I know of couples that draw inspiration from Snapchat premium girls to spice up their relationships. Sexting for instance, enhances open communication in relationships and many partners have had to sharpen their sexting skills with professional sexting models. Professional models operate a no-strings attached service where they enchant you with racy text messages and nudes you can comfortably masturbate to.

There’s no exchange of personal information necessary in establishing a strong emotional bond between the participants. Participants of cybersex as well, connect strictly for fun and cannot meet for physical engagements. They obediently fulfil their customers’ orders and move on to the next client. You’ll hardly meet them again as they will be probably held up fulfilling other orders- throwing a thrilling show for some other dudes. Interestingly, these models have a life outside the camera. They probably have boyfriends who are aware of their works and are not threatened by the guys jerking off to their girls’ nudes and steamy performances.

The models are professionals and do not mix work with pleasure even when their work is pure pleasure in itself. They will gladly turn down your proposals to meet and reiterate to you that your relationship is strictly cam to cam. They are in for the money and fun and not to meet the amor de su vida.


I would prefer my partner having satisfactory cybersex with some random person instead of cheating live. Cybersex is not that serious unless one deliberately takes it too far. It only succeeds at ruining a relationship only when the relationship was at the brinks of collapse to start with. I believe there are countless of partners in serious relationships that consent to their significant others having harmless cybersex. For me, the lack of physical contact is the line that separates cybersex with cheating.

The sexual tension is undoubtedly real, and the feeling that comes with pleasuring yourself to raunchy cybersex performance is nothing short of glorious. This however, does not guarantee the kind of intimacy that can potentially ruin a solid relationship. Some argue that cybersex is addictive, but so is porn and no one is complaining that porn is ruining unions.


In fact, some couples watch porn together and end up having a wonderful experience later that night. It is also possible to enjoy cybersex with your partner if that is what it takes to sanitize it.

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