OnlyFans Review: How A Platform Took Over The Adult Industry

I suppose the founders of OnlyFans never saw that tittle coming! The site was intended for content creators to monetize their exclusive materials like tutorials, pictures, educational videos, comedy, skit videos, and vblogs among a wide range of content.

No one imagined this beloved creation becoming a porn-haven. 

The ‘Paywall of Porn’ That Everyone Is Talking About

With over 20 million registered users as of this writing, the site is popular for porn more than any other genre. OnlyFans allows users to create a paywall around their profiles to charge their fans for access to the exclusive content they publish occasionally on their walls.

Technically, OnlyFans is a social media platform that you pay to follow your favorite people. Besides access to fresh material, the site also allows users to message their idols directly and get personalized responses unlike in traditional porn setups. OnlyFans alongside other popular streaming platforms are changing how we consume porn!

Explicit content creators and their fans are opting for OnlyFans especially now that other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have launched a purge on explicit content. The modern viewer prefers personalized live shows as opposed to traditional scripted porn.

No Need For Production Studios

OnlyFans is shaping up to be adult content creators’ and porn enthusiasts’ go-to meeting point. It has allowed creators to cut down middlemen in the distribution chain and sell their content directly to the final consumers translating to more profits.

The site is growing exponentially owing to the ease of setting up an account and navigating your way around. Initially, the platform attracted amateur entertainers, although now professional pornstars are joining the bandwagon thanks to the unlimited earning potential the site offers. Creators can charge their fans a fixed monthly subscription fee or put up a pay-per-click system. 

How Is The Navigation? 

OnlyFans is one of the most intuitive social media designs you can ever come across. You’ll know exactly where to click once you are logged in, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time around!

The Signing up process is simple, they only ask for your basic information –name and email address. Newcomers are given suggestions of the people they might want to follow or perhaps subscribe to their offerings. These are popular personalities that have carved a name for themselves on the platform. You may as well search for specific people if you know their username.

The homepage contains feeds from your active subscriptions. You can view the materials on the feeds if you’ve already subscribed to the channel, or rather pay to view.

The notification page shows your interactions, the creators you like, those you’ve subscribed to their channels, the ones you’ve tipped, and any other promotional message.

The third icon on the row allows you to compose a post for your fans, and the last feature is the messages icon.

Mobile Friendly?

OnlyFans is a mobile-optimized platform that allows uploads from mobile devices. Its loading speed for both mobile and computer browsing is remarkable, you won’t get stuck trying to find your way back to the homepage.

Upon signing up, you might wanna complete your profile –add a profile picture, your card for subscriptions, and a bank where your earnings shall be deposited (content creators).  

What Other Helpful Features Are There?

Besides subscription fees, creators can make money through tips. The system allows viewers to tip their favorite performers to show appreciation for their remarkable performances. Some performers make more money through tips as opposed to subscriptions.

The next feature is the pay-per-view messaging which allows creators to send tailored pay-per-view messages to individual subscribers or the entire fan base. The creator posts the material together with the asking price and interested subscribers will pay to view the content. The message is usually ‘locked’ with only the caption showing.

Upon clicking on the content, one is directed to pay first to get access. OnlyFans is an interactive platform with a global appeal. As such, creators may not always be available to engage all their supporters from different time zones.

However, the site allows them to queue the content and schedule to have them posted at a desired time. This feature allows users to be active even when they are sleeping or carrying out other activities.

Forget the scheduled prerecorded content; the platform is popular for its thrilling live shows. Performers can go live every time they please. The beauty with this feature is that users that were offline during the live stream can catch the show later as long as they pay for it.

OnlyFans creators can use other social media accounts to market their offerings. The platform can be easily integrated with twitter to boost the user’s fanbase. 

Is OnlyFans Worth it?

If you are a fan of authentic first-hand acts, then this platform is totally worth it.

Traffic is ceding traditional pornsites to join the live stream uprising, no one should be left behind. OnlyFans allows you to interact directly with your favorite performers and request for tailored acts.

You can have your outlandish sexual fantasies enacted by your favorite models on Onlyfans –who doesn’t like that! It is the best thing to have happened to creators, arguably better than premium subscription sites.

Actors pocket nearly 80 percent of the earnings from their acts –that is after deducting the site’s commission. This percentage is way more than what they normally get from traditional porn shoots. The site is also safe to visit considering creators don’t have access to your personal information like debit/credit card numbers and contact information since the site uses a third-party billing to handle payments.

Experts predict that the general live stream industry will grow to $70.5 billion by 2021 meaning OnlyFans is likely to grow past its current size. The site has already paid out millions of dollars to content creators, perhaps the reason they are experiencing an influx in new sign-ups lately, everyone wants to get a piece of this great invention revolutionizing the adult industry.

The only downside to this platform is that content quality is not regulated, therefore, you might occasionally run into mediocre performances every once in a while! 

Overall, we give OnlyFans a score of 9.2/10!

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Top Sexual Fantasies According to Women

It Is Natural And Healthy To Have Sexual Fantasies

According to sex therapists, episodes of erotic fantasies are an indication that one possesses a healthy means of getting their mind to stir up a sexual response.

Having sexual fantasies is completely natural regardless of whether you plan to see your fantasies through or not! Sexual fantasies may stem from fictional mental characters or erotic memories about subjects that happen to get us off sexually.

Fantasies about certain sexual practices are meant to trigger sexual arousal and are not necessarily a reflection of the things a person desires in real life –although to some degree our dirty thoughts can give us clues of what we might like in real life.

Besides seeking arousal, a lot of folks fantasize out of curiosity. Consider this; we may not experience every bizarre sexual sensation in real life, but we can fantasize about them.

The Added Layer Of Taboo

Fantasies also help people explore taboo sex, and maybe plot to actualize these experiences at some later date. The thought of hooking up with your married college professor might encourage you to plan for a teacher/ student role play session with your partner.

Some folks use fantasies to skip reality a little to meet unfulfilled sexual needs. Whatever your fantasies look like, experts recommend acting on them to spice up your bedroom routine.

Women happen to be very creative with their erotic fantasies. Like men, their common fantasies revolve around taboo sex and other eccentric sexual practices. Let’s discuss some of the women’s common sexual fantasies. 

Getting It On With A Stranger

Modern society insists on monogamy when it knows deep down that it doesn’t come naturally to humans.

Women secretly die to have sex with complete strangers –the kind that is random and spontaneous.

They would fantasize about things like –they just moved into a new apartment and the handsome dude next-door offers to help them arrange the apartment. He invites her for a drink at his place afterward, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know, she’s waking up on his bare chest in the morning with her panties dangling around one of her ankles.

Removing The Strings

Random hookups with strangers at the gym with a personal trainer is a common fantasy among women. Call it slutty, but it remains one of their top sexual fantasies. Hooking up randomly with people they just met symbolizes freedom; and freedom is sexy all day, any day! Whether they plan to act this fantasy out or not, the thought of it alone gives them enough thrills.

Sometimes women prefer no-strings-attached kind of arrangement with people they might never meet again just to have new sexual experiences. They take emotions out of the whole damn thing and just enjoy the good casual sex. Some women are scared of emotional connections and intimacy. This also works when they don’t want to be tied down to one sexual partner forever –as I hinted, monogamy is unrealistic!

Having sex with a stranger allows women to ditch intimacy and emotional connection and just focus on the pleasurable act of sex! 

Having Sex With People They Shouldn’t Be Sexing 

Indeed, forbidden fruits taste sweeter! Boyfriend’s friend, stepbrothers, ex’s friend, step daddies, and distant cousins should be off limits!

Girl’s code 101, hands off a friend’s exes! It is disrespectful to get dirty with them! This might be the written rule, but underneath, every girl secretly wants to smash the dudes on the ‘sacred’ list. They are dying to, go, rogue, show society the middle finger, and experience the Wild West!

The psychology behind this unconventional fantasy is complicated, to say the least. It is quite common for men and women alike to be attracted sexually to people they shouldn’t be attracted to. In fact, mainstream porn has commercialized this fantasy with the taboo sex category. You are likely to come across videos with these kinds of plots.

Like –‘girl sends a friend to collect stuff from her ex’s apartment after a nasty breakup, and the friend ends up smashing the ex while at it!’ The scripts follow some cheesy plot like ‘the dude walks in on the girl trying on her friend’s clothes. He is attracted by the view of her ample bosom, so he makes a move, a little seduction latter, and boom! –he’s eating from the forbidden tree!

Similar plots like stepbrother feasting secretly on stepsister living under the same roof, or a stepmother seduces her handsome stepson and ends up screwing him when her husband is not around.

Interestingly, these kinds of videos attract a lot of traffic probably because it is a fantasy common among many people.

Exploring Submission and Dominance!

Women may look cool from the outside, but deep down they are craving some Fifty Shades Of Grey level of dominance. Ask any woman what they think about the movie or book –Fifty Shades of Grey, and you’ll be surprised by their responses!

A majority of women believe the film was an eye-opener into a world of romance they’d only fantasized about. Check out the numbers; only 1.3% of women admit to being in a committed BDSM relationship.

However, a staggering 64.6% of women confess that they occasionally fantasize about being dominated sexually. This is a substantial percentage of women fancying BDSM on the down low! They fantasize about getting choked during sex, some hair pulling and biting, spanking, and verbal abuse among other BDSM acts.

Other popular fantasies women have include having sex with an authority figure like police or teachers. Every school girl at some point fantasizes about having sex with their teacher, while others fantasizing about screwing a police officer to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Same Sex Encounters

Also, believe it or not, many women fantasize about having sex with other women. Some girls experience a ‘lesbian phase’ where they try out the offerings on the other side of the menu.

Furthermore, a recent survey established that nearly 42% of women have thought about participating in group sex. Swinging is also among top women’s fantasy, and so is getting spit-roasted hardcore. 

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MindGeek – The Virtual Monopoly of Internet Porn

MindGeek bills itself as the virtual monopoly of internet pornography. The company is arguably the world’s biggest porn library with nearly 7,000 years of porn translating to about 11 petabytes of data.

MindGeek’s tube sites ranks top alongside Netflix, Google, and YouTube in terms of bandwidth consumption. MindGeek has undoubtedly cemented its leadership position in the $97 billion dollars industry thanks to its high profile acquisition over the years.

The Rise Of A Titan

The company was registered 16 years ago in Luxembourg as Mansef, although it is currently headquartered in Montreal, Canada with offices across the globe.

MindGeek has had an exciting journey to the top having survived the 2008 crash that saw industry titans crumble, and a rude raid by the Secret Service in 2009 that resulted to seizure of company assets worth $6.4 million alongside countless allegations of copyright infringement. After purchasing the original Mansef and Interhub, tech entrepreneur, Fabian Thylmann changed the company’s name to Manwin and eventually to MindGeek.

The Death Of Paid Porn

After the 2008 porn industry crash, Thylmann sought out financing from Colbeck Capital to purchase porn tube sites at ridiculously discounted prices. By then it was reported that porn studios had cut down production by nearly 75% with DVD sales dipping by 50%. Piracy was rampant, free amateur porn was taking over the internet -in short porn was no longer profitable.

Every major player wanted to cut their losses and leave porn to die a slow painful death. In the midst of all this, MindGeek saw an opportunity to rule over the once vibrant industry after the dust had settled. This was pretty ambitious for the company considering not everyone at the moment saw the viability of their plan.

The New Sheriff In Town

Barely a decade down the line and MindGeek is the biggest name in porn. The company now owns hundreds of free tube sites including dozens of premium sites that wreck in millions in revenue.

After the 2008 depression, MindGeek embarked on a spirited acquisition spree –purchasing every big name that wanted out.

The Monopoly

According to the acclaimed adult industry blogger, Mike South, MindGeek now owns eight out of ten top porn aggregators. The only other non-MindGeek’s sites that made it to this coveted list are the notorious Xhamster and Xvideos. One of MindGeek’s notable subsidiaries is industry giant PornHub. It is reported that PornHub is visited by an average of 120 million people daily. Let’s say you loathe PornHub, what other viable options do you have? Well there’s Brazzers, YouPorn, Xtube, RedTube, Extreme Tube, PornMD, PornIQ, Peeperz, Gay Tube,,, Sextube, Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Mofos, Playboytv, and Wicked Pictures among several others.

What you might not know is that each of the sites mentioned above and dozens others belong to MindGeek. So next time you close a Brazzers’ tab to log into PornHub, you’ll still be within the expansive MindGeek’s umbrella.

MindGeek’s Revenue

MindGeek operates offices in the U.S., Ireland, London, Germany, Greece, and Hungary. The company employs over 1,000 permanent staff according to information on its official website.

With millions of daily visitors thronging its diverse tube sites daily, the company reportedly makes millions in ad sales annually. Thylmann through Manwin turned a $362 million investment from Colbeck Capital to a ginormous cash cow generating nearly half a billion dollars annually in revenue.

The Monetization Strategy

Considering most of MindGeeks tube sites are free, the company generates most of its income from ad sales. This explains why MindGeeks was never bothered by influx of free porn on the internet in the first place.

While big companies felt that porn was no longer profitable after the 2008 crash, Thylmann saw an opportunity to create one of the world’s largest collections of free porn then monetize the traffic.

One challenge with free amateur porn is that it lagged in both video and content quality. This however, created demand for high definition films for paying consumers, and production studios rose to the occasion.

Now two divides exist in the industry -free tube sites, and premium sites that charged a subscription fee for access to high quality videos.

Despite having a reputation as the world’s leading free pornsite, thanks to PornHub, MindGeek was not going to pass the opportunity to make money from paying clients.

The company acquired several Premium sites and even created a PornHub Premium service. MindGeek’s free tubes like other sites offering free porn are crawling in ads, while its premium subsidiaries are distinctively free of these annoying popups.

In 2015, MindGeek signed a distribution agreement with Pulse Distribution to boost its revenues from ads and subscription fee. Through the deal, the company acquired ExtremeTube, SpanWire, and Keezmovies.

Data-Driven User Experience

Another unconventional source of MindGeek’s revenue is data mining. The company reportedly collects its users’ data and selling it to 3rd party advertisers. With millions of daily traffic, MindGeeks through its subsidiaries is in a position to mine personal data from its visitors with ease.

This explains the awkward scenario where at one point you are browsing through the fiery entries in the sex toys market then next thing you know, dozens of ads on the same magically crowd your browser.

Allegations of Piracy     

MindGeeks has occasionally come under wild criticism over its alleged reluctance to regulate stolen content on its tubes. Most of MindGeeks’ platforms allow users to upload content to the tubes.

A good number of the content is stolen materials from hardworking performers who never benefit from their work. Performers and production companies alike have launched numerous complaints about the same but MindGeeks appears to have done little to appease these major players in the game.

It is reported that even after pulling down stolen content after being reported by the rightful owners, the materials end up being published on the company’s other sites which makes it futile for performers to keep tracking.

Performers are seemingly frustrated by MindGeeks’ monopoly; most of them fear being blacklisted from an industry titan that controls nearly 100 sites.

MindGeek allegedly profits from pirated content which explains their reluctance to take a stance.

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How Covid-19 Is Affecting the Adult Industry

Temporary Suspension of Shoots 

Government directives to shutdown non-essential businesses indefinitely to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 have disrupted routines across several sectors including the ‘mighty adult industry.’

The Free Speech Coalition, a representative of the porn industry in the U.S. and Canada, in its own initiative to flatten the curve called for immediate halt of operations in the adult industry on March 15. For the first time since 2018, adult production companies have rescheduled filming for fear of on-set transmission and to abide by the government calls for social distancing. The temporary suspension of sets took a direct hit on performers’ finances given a majority of them are independent contractors, not subject to compensation in case of such unprecedented closures.

Mainstream Studios Feeling The Pain

Production studios are equally feeling the heat since they have been forced to reschedule their major releases following cancellation of filming. This means that they’ll be dipping into their savings to pay for rent and salaries for their permanent staff. It is even worse for companies that were struggling before the pandemic.

With no revenue from new films, these companies still need to meet their recurrent expenditures regardless.

Increased Traffic to Adult Sites 

While production studios struggle to keep their heads above the waters, popular upload sites are having a field day.

As it turns out, people are self-isolating with porn according to recent data published by world’s leading free porn site, Pornhub. The company’s worldwide traffic spiked by nearly 12% on March 17th and it’s been an upward trend ever since. Porn is becoming a popular distraction for self-quarantining folks and those working from home.

Pornhub: A Hero

For instance, as the world stood in solidarity with Italy on March when the European nation was announcing record high new cases and deaths from the virus, Pornhub offered Italians a free subscription to its premium services, perhaps to encourage them to stay at home. The timing coincided with Italy’s nation-wide lockdown, a brilliant move that saw an upsurge of the site’s traffic by 57% on March 12.

The company extended the offer to the nations of Spain and France days later which saw the traffics rise by 38% and 61% in the respective countries. Pornhub’s “stay home and help flatten the curve” movement has been a huge success telling from these recent data.

Despite being banned in India, the site’s viewership in the country spiked by 95% in the beginning of April, barely a week after the country announced a nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. India boosts one of the world’s biggest populations explaining why a complete lockdown was a viable move by the government. With little outdoor activities across the world, it is understandable that people are choosing porn for recreation.

With this rate of consumption, it is just a matter of time before upload sites too run out of content.      

Rise of New Trends 

Players in the industry are actively exploring alternative streams of income now that studios have been shut indefinitely. Performers for instance, are capitalizing on their massive social media following to market and sell homemade films directly to consumers.

The same internet that threatened to bring down the adult industry back in the day is coming back to save the day. There is a massive rise of premium social networks where performers can sell their content directly to consumers cutting down middlemen in the traditional distribution setup.

Work-From-Home Porn

Through the platforms, adult actors/actresses are throwing thrilling live performances to paying audiences from the comfort of their homes. Camming, as it is popularly called is not exactly a new trend in the industry as many may mistakenly belief. It is one of the positive trends that came with the internet although it was much popular among amateur performers.

As of March, professional pornstars took up camming now that they had to fend for themselves following halt in productions. FanCentro, one of the leading premium social networks reported a rise in new account registration of 83% as of April.

These platforms allow consumers to interact directly with performers in their private chat rooms. For a small subscription fee, fans can enjoy live shows from their favorite performers. The platforms charges a small commission for facilitating the show then remitting the rest of the $$$ to the performers.

Camming is proving to be a lucrative source of revenue for performers as reported by MelRose Michaels, brand ambassador for FanCentro. Michaels estimates that performers are making between $500 and $3,000 monthly from selling short saucy clips on the platform.

Some performers are said to be earning more than they usually take home from studio shoots now that middle men have been eliminated from the process. Performers are also flocking IsMyGirl and OnlyFans among dozens of other premium social networks.

Popular voices within the industry are urging performers to make the switch and survive for the time being before normalcy resumes. Some production studios are even marketing the homemade materials on behalf of their actors and actresses.

These platforms are making it easy to join the adult industry as a performer since all you need is a steady internet connection and a good camera, even a phone can do.

Coronavirus-Themed Porn 

Humans are known to fetishize almost anything. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, searches for coronavirus-themed porn reportedly skyrocketed.

To porn experts, this new trend was long overdue considering holiday-themed porn has been a traditional category in the industry for the longest time now.

The ‘coronavirus porn’ searches trickled in from as early as January giving some companies enough time before the industry’s shutdown to honor viewers’ ‘requests.’ Enthusiasts can now stream the themed films from popular tubes and catch new releases by cammers almost each day.

That’s right, cohabiting performers are treating their paying audiences to new themed releases for as long as the requests keep coming in.

However, some quarters within the industry are concerned that this new category might promote stereotyping and racism against Asians.

It is no doubt that the porn industry is adapting appropriately to the new coronavirus-induced normal. The industry is likely to survive the inconveniences of the virus if people continue to consume this much porn throughout the pandemic.

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