The Internet Popularizes Live Sex

Up until recently you had to be a member of the highly guarded and secretive swingers club to enjoy the thrill of live sex. The internet has undoubtedly paved way to an array of kinks including live sex and many more. The much older generation had to peep through the neighbors’ bedroom window to at least watch some live action. Of course this was a taboo punishable by death in some societies but it was a risk many were willing to take.  

No more monkey business

Luckily you do not need to sneak on your sexually adventurous neighbor to savor amazing live sex. The internet is packed with adult sites promising fascinating live action featuring the famous webcam models. In fact the adult industry is gradually shifting from the obviously rehearsed shoots to more interactive live sex.

I’m already empathizing with rogue plumbers who had made it their habit to bang their clients. I’m also seeing pizza delivery dudes sticking to pizza delivery and not hanging around for some hardcore action. Not that I’m jealous but I don’t like it when others have their way with salacious dames and when I try it out here I’m reported for sexual harassment.

Traditional porn made us set unrealistic bedroom goals with rehearsed moves which they make several attempts to capture right. Live sex is great because models have to get it right the first time and so they have to do realistic stuff. I’m not in any way insinuating that live sex is boring because it is not. My concern is that pornstars are depicted as sex gods and goddesses- in mainstream porn- perfectly capable of executing “difficult” sex moves that a regular dude will trip and fall on his dick should he try to make an attempt.   

Firsthand material

Thanks to the internet, we can now receive practical firsthand material that we can work on. It’s also our turn to see actors trip and fall on their hairy balls. Live sex is inarguably the best form of porn anyone can delight. Aside from being realistic, it is also interactive and appeals to individuals looking to meet their idols. Channels broadcasting live sex allow for a private chat session where users get to interact freely with the models.

The private “sexroom” allows users to interact with models and get to know them at a more personal level eventually. This helps them establish a strong intimacy bond necessary for a loyal fan. Through the interaction they get to explore their kinky fantasies and enhance their sexual experience while at it. I personally think it’s amazing to get it on with a professional model however virtual. It also helps the naughty kind check one thing off their wish list.

The viewers are the real directors of live sex. Actors only execute the command of the audience making it even more special. There’s no way they would have rehearsed commands they weren’t given beforehand.

The advent of the internet was thought to be the final nail to the mainstream porn industry’s coffin. Speculators believed that the internet came to disrupt porn’s economy by making free content available to the masses. Instead the internet has made it possible for creators to monetize premium content including live sex. Traditional porn sites are already listing live sex in their offerings where prospective customers have to pay a membership fee to access. Evidently this is a new and innovative solution to a new problem. However, due to the internet, webcam models get to make a living off camming. Cammers are either affiliated to a popular agency with a site that hosts several webcam channels or work solo.

There are different advantages and disadvantages to both systems. The obvious constants in the two systems are financial benefits and the marketing aspect. Models not affiliated to agencies endure gruesome marketing as they seek to popularize their channels. On the brighter side, they don’t have to split the spoils with the agencies infamous for exploiting models.  

Agencies market the models making it easy for them to get business. However, they charge exorbitantly for this- an average of 40%. Popular social media networks are also making it easy to popularize live sex channels. Webcam models are marketing their services on instagram, twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr among others. Instagram for instance is famed for “premium Instagram” where cammers exchange sexually explicit materials including live sex footage for cash.

Premium Instagram account holders have made a name for themselves and created a wide following despite Instagram’s threats to weed them out. Audiences are also willing to pay a good money to enjoy these services which have turned out to be a breath of fresh air from the shitty free porn videos.

Live sex is evidently shaping up to be porn’s next frontier and I suggest you keep up!

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VR Sex Compliments Traditional In-Person Sex

There’s no doubt that technology has opened up multiple channels for adult sexual communication. Although the ultimate technology in the area of virtual sex is yet to hit the markets, the idea of tech-assisted sex is not far-fetched after all. Virtual sex is no longer a thing for the future as it might be commonly mistaken, or perhaps we are living in the future considering guys are already enjoying realistic hands-free sexual pleasure thanks to the availability of aiding technologies.

There have been concerns from relationship experts and sex therapists that virtual sex or rather the whole idea of tech-assisted sex and relationship is threatening real life intimacy. Admittedly, rapidly evolving technology and emerging trends in the sector have disrupted the frameworks of dating, courtships and perhaps our view on physical relationships. Even so, the great evolutions in the sector do not justify claims that virtual sex is a real threat to real intimacy. Contrary, I believe virtual sex actually complements traditional in-person sex.

The whole idea of virtual sex- with virtual sex in this case standing for any form of hands-free intimacy including cybersex, sexting and phone sex -is to have harmless fun probably over the internet which can only leave participants craving for real physical sex with a real person. Even with the advanced woks in robotics I’m still not convinced that technology can wholly substitute humans. Anyone can tell you that even after a steamy self-pleasuring session, good old-fashion pussy and dick are still irresistible.

Maybe it eases off the sexual tension in the moment, but for how long? Humans cannot live off masturbation alone. No offense to engineers and creative experts in the adult sex toys industry, they’ve done a wonderful job developing aids that offer great sexual pleasure- but they are no match to a good dick making its way to the bottom of an itchy pussy craving a good fuck. One can argue that a battery-operated vibrator does the trick for ladies, well, how often does the vibrator fondle your amazing breasts- perhaps reach out for a deep passionate kiss while sinking balls deep down there until you cannot help but dim your vision and float in ecstasy. When the last time that piece of dildo licked your wet pussy, sucking your clitoris skillfully before positioning you for a hardcore doggystyle!

Virtual sex can only compliment physical sex and not phase it off. Even the introverts who have found refuge in sexting and self-pleasuring still fantasize on when they will get an actual woman, munch their pussy like a cupcake then sink their tool to the balls then do it again and again. I’m convinced that it is not in the nature of humans to go solo every other night and not lust for some real human touch. Humans are social beings that even the best toys in the world can’t satisfy their animalistic sex appetite.

Don’t get it twisted, I enjoy a quick solo session in the bathroom. But sometimes I rush there to pull one off so that I can last longer in the first round with my woman. Yeah I know it’s cheating and I should be punished for it but premature ejaculation is a real thing and a bitchy thing in that case. Just when you are convinced that you can still last a few minutes the grip down there intensifies and no less in the most sensitive past of the shaft triggering an explosive torrent of sneaky little tadpoles.

Recently a friend related an incidence where virtual sex really saved his relationship. He narrated that sometime back when they were trying to work it out long-distance with her girl, he would quickly sign in to snapchat premium, get himself a sensual horny chic and have a fun in her private chat room and that was it, he would be good until her girl visits. Virtual sex is good at getting you through the dreadful dry spells if you will. I read an informal post that it’s healthy for guys to ejaculate at least 21 times in month. I can’t ascertain the science behind this theory but I’m pretty sure the average guy would masturbate to meet this target. This is where virtual sex comes in handy.  

I’m sure a good number of people can attest to having sexted or face-timed with their significant other or a professional webcam model to keep a long distance relationship working. It is not for me to justify if this is ethical but I stand with my assertion that it does not in any way threaten physical sex. Guys would sext to build anticipation for real physical intimacy. I believe good sexting has something to do with elevating participants’ sex drive in some way although I’d have to collect more data to back thesis up.

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